Term Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In providing our quality services to our customers, we also have valuable terms and conditions. These are very necessary to secure our company as well as our customers including the sellers and the buyers from any fraudulent situations. When visiting our website, we want you to understand that you possess a major responsibility to maintain good relations with us. We are highly confident that you would agree with our terms and conditions of our services.

Being a visitor of our website, you better apply discipline, especially in your posts, comments and suggestions in our buy and sell services. We highly prioritize our good reputation. That is why we are highly committed to maintain our good name by providing you the best quality services when it comes to the buy and sell industry.  

Meanwhile, we are also hoping that you highly understand that any loss or damage of the products you have purchased during the selling transactions is not our responsibility. Our website is highly accessible for a large number of public. For this reason, it may only include the best and reliable content. You must also agree that we have the right to edit the content of the advertisement of your products. The following are some limitations in the content of our services:

v  It must not include nude, pornographic figures, or any kind of extreme violence.

v  Vulgar and other foul words are highly restricted as well. It must not include any inapplicable languages that may contain a bad impression on the content as well as to the website. Our integrity is important for us. Therefore, only those words that are needed in the content are advisable.

v  We also restrict those advertisements that may promote illegal drugs, crime or any act of violence.

v  We do not welcome content that are just merely just a joke. It is subjected for removal in our website since we only offer sincere transactions.

v  We don’t accept highly copied contents from any website of the same product advertisement without their approval.   

v  It must not include content that may underestimate any kind of religion, race, gender, disability, national origin and sexual preference.

v  We are majorly following the rules and regulations in this kind of industry. For this reason, we also need your full cooperation when dealing with us.

If you will violate these terms and conditions, we can have the right to deny your product advertisements. We only offer informational contents about a specific product. Therefore, you must have a well-laid out plan on how your products would be represented in our website. Meanwhile, we would still respect and appreciate your content. If it is not against the rules, we guarantee you that it will appear in the exact manner you wanted.

We remind you that we will just help you to promote your products but it does not mean that we have are responsible for the loss of your money as well as the damages in the products during your business transactions with the seller or the buyer.